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Fridge-To-Go - Cooling Medical Travel Wallet

SRP: $35.94
Price: $29.95
SKU: FTG-1211
UPC: 636422000504
Brand: Fridge-To-Go
Product Dimensions 9" x 5" x 2"
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Fridge-To-Go - Cooling Medical Travel Wallet by Fridge-To-Go in Fridge-To-Go.

The Fridge-To-Go is one of the most sought after medical coolers on the market.  Easy to use, reusable and reliable!

Transport and keep medication cool with reusable, non-toxic cooling panels (filled with purified salt water.)  

Use the Travel Wallet for your daily medical supplies as you travel or enjoy a day out. 

Fridge-To-Go Cooling Medical Travel Wallet Features:
  • Easy to use - place bag in freezer to freeze, then fill it with your supplies and go!
  • Travel bag for temperature-sensitive supplies and medications
  • 8 hours of cooling time
  • Small footprint, high profile design
  • Durable "TempGuard" fabric
  • BPA and PVC free
  • Fits conveniently into any carry bag
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