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Securitee Blanket Vial Protection (Large)

SRP: $10.74
Price: $8.95
SKU: Large Series
UPC: 636422100044
Brand: Regato Enterprises
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Securitee Blanket Vial Protector - Large Blue Securitee Blanket Vial Protector - Large Red
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Securitee Blanket Vial Protection (Large) by Regato Enterprises in Vial Protection.

Securitee Blanket - Insulin Vial Protection

Securitee Blanket makes it easier to grip a vial by increasing the circumference without adding excess weight or bulk. The great insulin vial protection product is available in 3 sizes, so regardless of the type of insulin you use, there is a sleeve that will fit your vial. Securitee Blankets are perfect for everyday use and convenient for travel. You will be amazed at how much more secure you will feel.

  • Allows a more secure grip on vial 
  • No need to remove vial when filling a syringe
  • Light weight and comfortable to hold 
  • Easy insertion & removal of vial
  • Helps protect vial if dropped
  • Gives peace of mind
  • Reusable
  • Available in Blue and Red
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