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Myabetic Love Bug Diabetic Travel Case

SRP: $68.34
Price: $56.95
SKU: 471535
UPC: 720825539157
Brand: Myabetic
Travel Organizer Design
Dimensions 6.5" x 9" x 3.25"
Color Pink/Purple
Cooling Type NA
Material Vinyl
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Myabetic Love Bug Diabetic Travel Case by Myabetic in Diabetic Cases.

The Love Bug Diabetes Travel Case - By Myabetic

A diabetes product that will warm your heart! Watch your little one proudly show off her supplies on the playground. This heart/butterfly shaped case provides a comforting and friendly connection to those not-so-fun daily diabetes activities.

This Love Bug has two separate compartments. One section opens completely to reveal a butterfly design that includes two removable pockets, two elastic loops and two larger net pockets to hold your child's unique combination of supplies (a glucose meter, a CGM receiver, an OmniPod PDM, test strip drums, lancing devices, lancet needles, insulin pens, pen needles, insulin vials and syringes). The opposite compartment is free to hold additional care items - a FRIO cooling pouch, infusion sets, sensors, cartridges, batteries, power cords, alcohol swabs, glucose tabs, emergency snacks, Glucagon kits, log books, medical forms and IDs. It also includes an exterior zipper pocket and optional detachable shoulder strap.

Size Specifications:

Love Bug Exterior: 6.5" L x 9" W x 3.25" H

Interior elastic mesh pockets: 4" L x 3.75" W
(Oval-shaped pink pockets may be removed to allow for more space in elastic net pockets.)

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